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Dopis o činnosti SKS pro An Hermans, prezidentku ESU. Letter about the activities of SKS for Ms. An Hermans.

Přidáno 7. 1. 2018
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Information about news in the Czech SKS
Dear An,
I would like to send you some information about our Czech Sdruzeni krestanskych senioru SKS.
As I wrote you a new committee has been elected at the general meeting held in November 2017, I am the new president, Mr Hulak and Mr Tomek are the vice-presidents, Dr. Roubal is a honorary president + other members (http://www.krestanstiseniori.cz/kontakty).
The general meeting SKS published the resolution  for the next coming 3 years.The main task is to be more open to the Czech society, attract new members from the parishes and Christian democratic party, participate intensively in the network with other countries like Slovakia, find new forms and methods for our work. I have been working very much  on this topic.. We have now very good web pages www.krestanstiseniori.cz (with a webmaster of KDU-CSL).
Since 1.1. 2018 SKS is a member of EAPN. In November we took part at the EAPN conference about the European social pillar in the European House Prague. I addressed greetings and gave a speech about the ESU tasks and about the 2 challenges for the future: seniors and new digital era.
Some members of our organization participated in a bus excursion to the European parliament in Brussels organized by the Czech euro deputies.
Next week we shall have a meeting of the SKS executive committee. We have invited several personalities from our co-operating organizations, members of our clubs, leaders of KDU-CSL and Seniors Council. We would like to discuss more about a common future and co-operation. The new book Active and autonomy senior published by the EAPN and the Ministry of labour will be presented there. It is about the results of the projects realized by EAPN during the last year. One chapter has been written by me.
We are now more focusing to the media stressing the Christian values (2x 1 hour in the Czech  broadcasting, a shot in the Noe TV, local newspaper etc. and our web pages, greetings in the Congress of the Christian Democratic Party etc,).
We continue in cooperation with our Slovak colleagues. I sent an article to their journal Generacia and we shall be in contact to prepare some good events - also commemorating when 100 years ago Czechoslovakia was established (active until Dec. 1992) with a peaceful and fruitful contacts in the following 25 years.
We appreciate our ESU- SKS Regional conference 2017 in Prague.
We have a good representation in the Czech Council of Seniors (Rada senioru České republiky) where Dr. Roubal until now continues as one of the vice-presidents.
Every good wish for 2018,
Lidmila Němcová, president of SKS, vice -president of ESU
Prague, 7. 1. 2018