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Dopis paní Marilies Flemming - ESU

Přidáno 24. 6. 2019
Ilustrační foto
Ms Marilies Flemming
Summer Academy
Prague, June 20, 2019
Dear Marilies,
After the velvet revolution in 1989 we have started to build a civic society based on principles of the re-established democracy. Many civic organizations were founded thanks to the volunteer activities of their members. Just in that time our SKS (Association of ChristianSeniors) has been founded by seniors in liaison on their activities and experiences from the pre-WWII period as well as from a short period 1945-1948.
We are remembering with a deep thankfulness your intensive support of our new organisation, always sharing our joy with our successes, always ready to help us by yourexperiences, always prepared to meet us in person.
It is a great pleasure for us to appreciate your human and professional approach, your graciousness and optimism.
We wish you good health and joy of your future life.
Lidmila Němcová,
President, Association of Christian Seniors, Czech Republic